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Edward Elgar Handbook on Globalisation and Labour Standards

Edited by Kimberly Ann Elliott

Edward Elgar Publishing


In March 2022 the much-anticipated Handbook on Globalisation and Labour Standards was released as part of the Handbooks on Globalisation series published by Edward Elgar Publishing. Edited by Kimberly Ann Elliott, the 464-page handbook explores the interaction between globalization and labor standards, public approaches to implementing labor standards under globalization, and private and multi-stakeholder approaches to protecting worker rights in global supply chains.  

My chapter Enforcement of labor  standards in trade agreements: focus on Guatemala focuses on the 2017 Arbitral Report in the CAFTA-DR Guatemala labor case, in which the U.S. government activated CAFTA-DR’s dispute resolution mechanism in response to failures by the government of Guatemala to effectively enforce its labor laws. I examine the case in light of the 2004 debate between Petersmann and Alston on whether international trade mechanisms are appropriate fora for the adjudication of human and labor rights. 

The Handbook on Globalisation and Labour Standards has already garnered critical acclaim from leading international labor scholars Anne Trebilcock and Tonia Novitz.


The Handbook can be purchased as a book or e-book from:

PUBLISH DATE: March 18, 2022

ISBN: 978 1 78897 736 4

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